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A Unique Opportunity

Embrace the opportunity to learn from the world’s leading experts in Hand & Upper Extremity Surgery & Rehabilitation.

Surgeons demonstrate their complete surgical procedure and therapists will teach you practical, hand-on skills that will assist you in your next clinic.

Observe compelling panel discussions with a variety of experts discussing pertinent topics.


learn from internationally acclaimed surgeons

Whether you are an experienced surgeon, or early in your career, this opportunity provideS valuable insight into hand, wrist, elbow & shoulder surgery.

A panel of international surgeons demonstrate their full operation on selected, challenging surgical procedures of the hand, wrist ,elbow and shoulder, as well as debate and discuss their preferred approaches. Learn valuable skills, tips and techniques
from internationally acclaimed surgeons.


new approaches to assessment & treatment

The field of hand & upper extremity therapy is changing. The focus is now on being able to deliver cost effective and time efficient treatment programs that are centred around patient recovery and return to function based on scientific evidence and new approaches to the assessment and treatment of patients.

This Summit draws on the world’s leading hand therapists to deliver practical training on key aspects of treatment of the hand & upper extremity. The training in this summit will change your practice and ultimately positively impact your patient’s lives.

hand therapy

Entrepreneur's Summit

A world of opportunities

The Entrepreneur Summit is dedicated to Healthcare Entrepreneurs who would like to expand their scope beyond the clinical practice, consider buying a series of businesses, or develop a new brand or concept.


Experts from across the globe

Experts from across the globe will deliver a program of excellence that will open your mind to a world of opportunities, teach you essential skills or simply take you through a breakthrough experience to help you understand what is holding you back

Diversify your skill set

The entrepreneurial day will be valuable whether you are an entrepreneur of simply wanting to diversify your skill set.

Wealth and investing

Medical practitioners are beginning to focus on growing several income streams beyond their primary practice. This can involve embracing learning to trade the stock market or become a YouTube sensation, whilst continuing with their field of expertise.

Broaden your horizons

This Summit will broaden your horizons or be the beginning of a completely new journey.  If you would like to learn how to enjoy greater earning potential whilst having more free time to be with family or explore your passions, then the Surgery & Therapy Summit is for you.


Pricing options to participate in the Surgery and Therapy Virtual Summit

Full Access

$ 490
  • Access to the Membership Platform

Entrepreneur Summit

$ 97
  • Access to the Membership Platform

Build your own Summit with Bundles

$ 97
  • Access selected sessions / bundles, on specific days of the Summit

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